David Jenkins | Senior 2017

This was hands down, one of my all time favorite senior sessions! David was awesome and he was such a good sport about trying anything I asked him to. We started off the session at a family friend’s home and property. Let me tell you…it is a photographer’s DREAM! I really didn’t want to leave!

Of course, we had to, so our next stop was the football field and track. David is very athletic and plays for the Beaverton Beavers, and he is also in a ski club. He had a few requests here, and although I never promise things will turn out the way they hope for, I am pretty sure we nailed it this time! I love all of these, but the action shots are my favorite!

Another thing I loved about this session, are these photos in black and white. I rarely make photos b & w, (I guess I just love color too much) but every once in awhile a photo deserves to been seen this way. Perfection!


Thank you for choosing Forever Photography to capture this special time in your life, David! I wish you all the best as you begin your senior year and head into the future!



One on the Run

This sweet, and very active, little guy celebrated his first birthday in June! He has been a part of the Forever Photography family since his very first days, so of course I was thrilled to be able to capture him during this memorable time!


Here he is with his stuffed elephant that his nana bought him. He held onto it for all of 0.000756 seconds! He thought it would be more fun to throw it on the ground and see how many times his mom and dad would pick it up lol!

I sure enjoyed my time with Kingston (as I always do) but I’m sure his mom and dad were pretty worn out by the end of the session.  He had them doing every trick in the book to get him to smile! At the end of the session, K had had just about enough, so I told his dad to put him on his shoulders. He  leaned over as if to see who’s shoulders he was on, and then he began pulling back his dad’s eyelids! We laughed so hard! I guess that’s the trick you need to make someone smile haha!!

Happy ONE year, Kingston! xoxo