Miss E | 10 Days New

         The best compliment you can give a photographer, is to become a return client. This family is one of my very favorites. I have had the honor of working with them quite a few times now. The times we have spent together have always been wonderful so when I received an email saying that their newest addition had arrived and they were wanting to come see me, I could barely contain my excitement!!

So, here she is…Miss Emery, 10 days new and full of sweetness!


emery_28 eBlogBoard-4She was a wonderful baby and slept through most of the session, but she did fight it a few times! She was just curious of her new surroundings and didn’t want to miss anything. She also left me a nice little “surprise” right down the front of my shirt haha! Her sweet mama was mortified, but I didn’t mind…it was worth it to get to cuddle with this precious bundle of joy!emery_35 eBlogBoard-8emery_30 emery_09Emery’s adorable older sister, Avery, also came to visit me. Since we’ve spent time together before she was more than ready (and willing) to do whatever I asked. She even has her “cheese” down pat! eBlogBoard-2And I’m pretty sure she is in love with her new baby sister! In fact, her mama told me that she picked out this blanket (below) for her because she had a special blankey and wanted her sissy to have one too! How sweet is that?!?emery_19Thank you so much for sharing your family with me! I love and adore each of you and I’m looking forward to sharing in many more special moments and  watching your littles grow right along side you! xoxo Jenn


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